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Damp Services

Our Processes

For damp problems, we offer surveys to identify the source of moisture.

Solutions for moisture issues like ‘rising damp’, we can install a damp course to rectify this.

Many penetrative issues are due to poor drainage which can be a consequence of bad guttering, roofing or problems like wisteria or ivy growing up the side of a property, in which we recommend our builders, ’Felsted Construction Ltd’, to resolve with remedial action.

Wood decaying fungi is treated after locating and rectifying the water ingress with a fungicide and hardener.

Typical indications of damp are listed below.

Symptoms of damp;

- Musky smell

- Mould or mildew 

- Excessive condensation on windows

- Lifting or peeling wallpaper

- Discolouration on walls

- Wood rot (wet/dry)

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Brown rot 

Most commonly 'cellar fungus' Coniophora Puteana and 'mine fungus' Fibroporia Vaillantii.


- 'cuboidal cracking'

- Darkening of the wood

- Visual signs of fungi

- Usually in soft woods

e.g. Pine


White rot

Attacks cellulose and lignin


- Long white strands

- Bleaching of the wood

- Visual signs of fungi

- Usually in hardwoods

e.g. Oak 

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