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Timber Treatment


How we treat Timber

Moisture content in the UK average out at around 12-15%, anything over 18% is classed at saturated. This creates a perfect environment for bore beetle and fungi to thrive. 


We offer non-intrusive treatment and protection measures to ensure the eradication and prevention of future wood boring beetles and fungi. Predominantly occurring within older houses, these infestations can cause damage to the structural integrity of the building if not treated properly. Our process can be used for active infestations or as a prevention measure for future infestations in old and new properties.

The insecticide and fungicide sprays that we use are all water based therefore non-toxic, unlike many other processes like boron or fumigation methods. Subsequently, this reduces lead times of re-entry to the building down to a couple of hours. 

  • Emergence holes.

  • Frass (fine powdery bore dust).

  • Beetle sightings.  

  • Elongated tunnels within the timbers.

  • Crumbling of the wood.

  • Activity usually from April - September.

  • Tapping noise (Deathwatch or Longhorn beetle)

Elimination begins at identifying the infestation. 

We can help you eradicate and prevent future infestations, call us for a quote today.

Identifying Woodworm 

There are many types of bore beetle, which require different treatment methods. We can help you to identify these and when your timbers are infested.

Signs of  active infestation can be any one of the following; 

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Woodworm Life Cycle

The process begins
by the female laying eggs into the timber via cracks
Usually 2mm in size
and will eat through the timber causing structure issues
At around just 2mm 
long, the woodworm will begin its 2-5 year journey eating through the timber
The worm moves toward the surface, producing exit holes. It is only at this stage we can identify woodworm

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Adult Beetle
The adult beetle creates very little further damage, only having a life span of up to 14 days
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