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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you treat painted timbers?
    No, all wood has to be bare and free of any coatings in order to soak up the chemicals. Our sister company Heritage Dry Ice Blasting can help with that, view our services in the top tab to vist their website.
  • How do I strip the beams?
    We offer a non-abrasive blast cleaning service using dry ice (
  • Will I have to evacuate the property?
    No, we only ask for the rooms to be as clear as possible and the rooms to be left vacant for a minimum of an hour post to completion.
  • Do you offer guarantees?
    Yes, we offer guarantees with our timber treatment works.
  • What does it mean to have a guarantee?
    A guarantee will not just give you piece of mind that the property dry and free of beetle. When it comes to selling a property, these are like gold dust. Some lenders will not approve mortgages without one.
  • Is mold the same as rot?
    No, wood rot presents as decay whereas mold presents as discolouration.
  • What causes bore beetle and fungi?
    A high moisture content as a result of damp issues like rising, penetrative and condensation.

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